That feeling you get when your quinoa, black bean and beet veggie burgers just won’t stay together and it’s 11 o’clock and you’re too tired to remake them and so you just stick the mixture in the refrigerator and pray that the veggie burger elves that live on the top shelf or some other force of nature make it all comes together overnight. And you eat granola for dinner instead.

I am thankful my fiancé made a sizable portion of tuna tartare for an appetizer earlier in the night so we didn’t go to bed completely famished.

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It Was (Sand)WAR…and Fun!

We went to battle. We fought hard. And in the end… we are calling for a rematch.

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Conference Call: Blogging While Brown 2014

We’ve got a busy weekend ahead!

On Saturday, I’ll be speaking at the Blogging While Brown conference in Harlem! The organization has been so kind to welcome me to the event to speak about visual blogging. I’ll be sharing my views on how important photography has been to the growth of 300 Sandwiches.

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