Meerkating and Breakfast

Though I work in media, started a blog documenting my relationship and wrote a memoir slash cookbook, I am a shy person.

But this blog, and being on social media and having articles written about me and my sandwiches, have helped me to not only break out of my shell a bit, but to have a bit of fun laughing at myself. It’s also helped my relationship with E, helping me connect more fully with him and be present in our tome together. Continue reading

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The Wedding Cake We Left Behind

white cake by annalise cakesE and I have already broken one wedding tradition: saving the top of your wedding cake for the first anniversary.

Newlyweds are supposed to freeze the top of their wedding cake and eat it on their first wedding anniversary. It’s tradition. it’s good luck. And I’m all for doing whatever I can to bless my marriage.

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