Sandwich #264–“Deadlines and Day Trips” Egg Frittata Sandwiches

264eggfrittataLOWhen you are headed out of town, and you’re hungry, and you get a call from work which requires you to file on deadline before you leave, and you’re getting screamed at by your fiancé to “hurry up”, the only thing suitable enough for this special type of road trip lunch is a frittata sandwich.

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Labor Day Labor

It’s the last weekend of the summer. Sigh.

It’s supposed to be a weekend of leisure. Of kicking back and chilling one good time before people come back from their European jaunts and their East end vacation homes and restart and the craziness of fall kicks in.

I have lots to do.

I have lots to eat.

And, I have to cook. We’re having dinner guests tonight, so ice cream sandwiches need to be in the freezer before they arrive.

I hope you have a great Labor Day. Enjoy those last few days of summer.

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Wedding Wednesdays: Italian Inspiration


I’ve been obsessed with this wedding ever since I read about it on

Aside from the beautiful people on the guest list and the bride’s ridiculous wardrobe she wore for all of her bridal festivities, the one thing I love the most is the outdoor ambiance of the ceremony. This stylish couple got married in an Italian forest in front of their closest friends, and then took a glorious boat ride around Capri the next day.

Look at the tables decorate with lemons and small rosemary bushes. Check out the energy in the photos as they danced until the wee hours of the morning. It’s not a wedding—it’s a chic Italian outdoor adventure with vows. This is my ideal celebration.

I cannot stop staring at the Pinterest photos! See for yourself here.

Photo credit:

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