Wedding Wednesday: My Croissants are Your Croissants

By 300 Sandwiches

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maxresdefaultE and I, 8:23 AM Wednesday morning.

E went to the store to pick up coffee and croissants for breakfast, while I sat on the couch contemplating a shower after my morning workout. What a good husband, right?

When he returned, he placed two fresh croissants on a plate—a large fluffy plain croissant, and a powdered sugar covered almond croissant. Almond croissant connoisseurs like myself know that the best part of an almond croissant is that sweet, nutty batter-like filling that oozes from the inside as you bite toward the middle.

When E put the plate down near my feet still on the coffee table, I noticed the large bite taken out of the middle, which I thought should be reserved for the lady of the house, because the sugary middle is the lady of the house’s favorite part.

“I see you got after the good part,” I remarked.

E looked over. “Yeah,” he deadpanned. “Considering I was thoughtful enough to buy said croissants for us for breakfast while you sat on this couch, yes, I think I do deserve the good part!”

I backed away from the plate. I sipped my coffee (which he’d also made for us). I let him take another bite. He had a point.

Marriage is…letting your partner have the first bite of your croissant.

photo by: Entertaining with Beth

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