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Sandwich #52–“Thanksgiving Leftovers” Turkey and Trimmings Sandwich

Rating: Thanksgiving was amazing. Our turkey–brined two days in advance–turned out juicy and tender. Our sides–sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, asparagus, stuffing and a beautiful salad with butternut squash, bacon, pecans and roasted onion–were gobbled up quickly. And we had tons of booze, desserts and great company. Including E’s mom.

Sandwich #44–“The Monte Christie” Monte Cristo

One good thing that came out of kitesurfing was that E wanted to get in better shape. Running is what I do to stay sane and stay skinny. I love getting outside, listening to music and keeping pace to thumping beat of dance music while letting my thoughts wander. Each morning, I throw my running […]

Sandwich #25–“Hold the Avocado” Turkey BLT

After that epic fail of that shrimp and avocado couscous pita thing I tried to make a meal, I had to recover, reboot, and rebound. My sandwich making ego had taken a blow. How I was going to make up for that bland nothingness of last night’s dinner? Do I cook up something truly gourmet, […]

Sandwich #10– “Dry the Day After” Italian Sloppy Joe

E and I had a major weekend. There was Champagne. And Rose. And sake. And more wine. And a hangover (mine, not his). But there was also a new addition to the family. On Saturday, E and I got a car together, a beautiful crossover SUV big enough for our snowboarding gear, groceries, friends, power […]

Sandwich #7–“Hit The Road” Turkey Banh Mi Sandwich

E and I were headed to the country this weekend for my extended birthday celebration. I had a summer Friday this week, but E had to work a full day. I knew he would be a Hungry Hungry Hipster (the Brooklyn version of Hungry Hungry Hippo) when he walked into the apartment. But when he […]