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Brunching While Vegan

The vegan thing is trickier than I thought. I’ve been surviving for 9 days as a vegan, mostly on vegetables and quinoa, bread and chia seed pudding. I’ve reintroduced myself to oatmeal, which I haven’t eaten in years. But I’ve made several non-vegan mistakes, just out of habit I can’t seem to break. I accidentally […]

Sandwich #80–“Kickoff!!!!” Pulled Chicken Sliders

Rating: Dunzo! Pulled chicken. Fall-apart-on-the-fork chicken. In the Crock-Pot. Finished with a bit of molasses to give it a sweet kick. Kammy and crew will be well-fed through the fourth quarter. I hope they’ve got plenty of rum and bourbon to make Mardi Gras appropriate drinks to accompany my perfectly cooked meat.