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Meal Prepping Was Made for New Mommies

When you think meal prep,  you probably think bodybuilders or wrestlers or fitness models. But you should also think of new moms. Like this one. E and I started meal prepping on Sundays because we needed to find a way to cook efficiently after going back to work after our parental leaves.  Coming home and cooking during the […]

Meat-ish Balls Wrap With Marinara Sauce

One cannot call themselves a vegan — even if temporarily — and not have visited Thug Kitchen. These potty mouthed chefs are like the N.W.A. of vegan cooking. I love a good “f*cking A” in the kitchen as much as the next hungry sailor. And I needed some ideas for dinner. I knew I could find both […]

Sandwich #56–“Not That Big a Pot” Meatball Sandwiches

Sometimes, I can follow instructions too literally. For example, I have a soft voice, one which has the same timbre as ambient noise. This means when I’m in a crowded restaurant or loud office, it’s hard for others to hear me because the tone of my voice isn’t high pitched like a little girl or […]