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Sandwich #85–“Guy Night Out” Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Rating: E deserved a break from taking care of me all week. Poor thing hadn’t seen his friends, hadn’t gone out to dinner or drinks since I came down with the flu. Since I was back to work, E wanted to reclaim his social life. “I’m having Scotch tonight!” he declared.

Sandwich #48–“New Stuff” Banana, Walnut, Ricotta and Honey Sandwich

E and I were stocking up for our Thanksgiving feast. New dishes, serving bowls, wine glasses, table decor, and the turkey and trimmings were on our shopping list. The other day, we went to Crate & Barrel and bought three oversized, beautiful porcelain white serving bowls to serve the stuffing and vegetables. I thought we’d […]

Sandwich #32–“Chill Out!” Chicken Lettuce Wraps

A word on sweating the small stuff. Don’t. After we parked our brand new car in a parking garage while running errands in the East Village, we discovered the driver’s side car door was mysteriously slashed below the window, leaving a three inch gash in the leather panel. The culprit was either a garage worker […]