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Wedding Wednesdays: Italian Inspiration

I’ve been obsessed with this wedding ever since I read about it on TheCoveteur.com. Aside from the beautiful people on the guest list and the bride’s ridiculous wardrobe she wore for all of her bridal festivities, the one thing I love the most is the outdoor ambiance of the ceremony. This stylish couple got married […]

Sandwich #56–“Not That Big a Pot” Meatball Sandwiches

Sometimes, I can follow instructions too literally. For example, I have a soft voice, one which has the same timbre as ambient noise. This means when I’m in a crowded restaurant or loud office, it’s hard for others to hear me because the tone of my voice isn’t high pitched like a little girl or […]

Sandwich #10– “Dry the Day After” Italian Sloppy Joe

E and I had a major weekend. There was Champagne. And Rose. And sake. And more wine. And a hangover (mine, not his). But there was also a new addition to the family. On Saturday, E and I got a car together, a beautiful crossover SUV big enough for our snowboarding gear, groceries, friends, power […]