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The Big Bang Theory of Sandwich

This was rebroadcast last night when E and I got home. Nerds and sandwiches. Both are my life right now. (the first 30 seconds are about sandwiches. The rest is about buying a time machine online.)

Loving a Nerd

Since I’m in love with a computer programming, Star Wars obsessed, gadget-tinkering, self-titled nerd, I must be the coolest chick on the block. … and you are! — E. FWIW, I’ve felt the same even before the first sandwich.

Meatloaf on Film

Remember this scene with Will Ferrell in “Wedding Crashers”? I said this several times when making yesterday’s sandwich.

Throwback Thursday

This just made me smile. I was Googling for old-school advertisements for sandwiches, and came across this. Can you imagine if I brought these home to sleep on? The first thing E would say is: “You’re sleeping on the tomato. You know how I feel about raw sliced tomatoes on sandwiches.”