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Sandwich #124: “You Play, I’ll Stay” Chicken Ceasar Sandwich

Here’s another difference between E and I. He is friends with just about all of his ex-girlfriends. In fact, I have met a majority of the women he’s dated because he’s either invited them to our dinner parties or taken me to their birthday bashes and Sunday brunches. I am not friends with any of […]

Sandwich #80–“Kickoff!!!!” Pulled Chicken Sliders

Rating: Dunzo! Pulled chicken. Fall-apart-on-the-fork chicken. In the Crock-Pot. Finished with a bit of molasses to give it a sweet kick. Kammy and crew will be well-fed through the fourth quarter. I hope they’ve got plenty of rum and bourbon to make Mardi Gras appropriate drinks to accompany my perfectly cooked meat.

Sandwich #32–“Chill Out!” Chicken Lettuce Wraps

A word on sweating the small stuff. Don’t. After we parked our brand new car in a parking garage while running errands in the East Village, we discovered the driver’s side car door was mysteriously slashed below the window, leaving a three inch gash in the leather panel. The culprit was either a garage worker […]

Sandwich # 30–“In the Queue” Chicken Salad Sandwich

I love big box retailers. Blame my Midwestern roots, but I love the promise of bargain basement prices and offers like “Buy 5, get 6 free!” and wandering through those wide aisles and seeing perfect facing stacks of paper towels and Clorox and Eggo waffles and Corn Flakes all lined on shelves. It’s like being […]