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Mushroom, Pecan and Lentil Vegan Burgers from Food 52

I’m halfway through with this vegan challenge. How have I been surviving? Vegetables and nuts. And delicious recipes like these vegan burgers. I’ve been eating hella avocados straight from the shell, big pots of roasted vegetables over rice or grains, and a lot of Mexican food, which incorporates a lot of vegetables and is surprising […]

Sandwich #49–“The Roof is On Fire” Burger with Egg

A trip to Restoration Hardware proved yet again how different E and I are as shoppers. He buys high quality things he loves, price or fragility be damned. I always have my “Practical Sally” hat on, and look for things that will last long or provide the best value—like dark-colored pillows and sheets so they […]

Sandwich #9–“Home Early” Lamb Burger with Feta

I was in the mood for lamb burgers (and as you read in the previous post, you know a burger does qualify as a sandwich). We’ve been growing a ton of parsley and mint in our herb garden, and I wanted an excuse to use some of it.  The lamb burgers recipe I use calls […]

Burger vs. Sandwich

The distinction between burger vs. sandwich, from Merriam-Webster: sand·wich noun ˈsan(d)-ˌwich, ˈsam-; dialect ˈsaŋ- 1. a : two or more slices of bread or a split roll having a filling in between b : one slice of bread covered with food 2: something resembling a sandwich; especially : composite structural material consisting of layers often of high-strength facings […]