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Patti-Labelle-Stefs-Pie (photo by Samantha Bolton for Yahoo Food)
Everyone is a twitter over Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pie, which is the biggest selling dessert this holiday season. I made Patti LaBelle’s pie earlier this week. Then I interviewed her for Yahoo Food. Basically, it’s my best Thanksgiving ever.

You might have heard that Patti’s sweet potato pies have sold out at Wal-Mart after Chicago singer James Wright bought the pie and made the most incredible YouTube post after eating it. Seriously, this guy should be singing on Adele’s tour or something. I’ve never heard anyone blow like that, particularly over a pie.

I tried to get a pie for myself. I scoured searching for a store near me that carried the pie. I called around to a few, then I called around to a few near my mom’s house to see if she could possibly get me one. Alas, sold out! Luckily my coworker got one in, and graciously shared with others.

pattipieLO(my Patti Pie. It made Patti sing, y’all!)
But what I did do is make my own Patti pie, based off of her recipe from her 1999 cookbook, ““LaBelle Cuisine: Recipes to Sing About.” Washington Post reposted the recipe last week. And ya know what? I took that pie to work, tasted some with my coworkers, and it disappeared into hungry bellies before I could get a note out of “On My Ownnnnnn…”

But I made another one before I hosted Meez LaBelle in our offices Friday afternoon, where she told me the history of her pies, and then tasted my own version of her pie. On camera.

And then, she sang.

And then I basically turned into a puddle of milk in front of her.

I could have started singing like James Wright, but my voice doesn’t hold a candle to hers or his. So I simply said thank you, took a bunch of photos for my mom to see, and hoped that Wal-Mart would soon stock those pies again soon. For the love of me, James Wright, and the rest of the sweet potato pie eating public.

And then, it got even better. Patti asked me what else i could cook.  “Sandwiches,” I said. And as I walked her off the stage, she turned, and it was as if she’d seen someone she knew before. “Hold on! You’re the SANDWICH GIRL. You’re the girl who made the sandwiches to get married!”

Patti. Knew. Me. I …really… feel….faint….

Basically, Friday was the best day of my life. And certainly the best holiday I’ve ever had.

And it’s not even Thanksgiving. But boy, am I ever thankful.

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