Nine Best Sandwiches For The Movies This Holiday Season

By 300 Sandwiches

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iStock_moviereelpopcornLOMr. 300 Sandwiches’ head is about to explode. All of his heroes are in theaters this holiday season: Charlie Brown in “The Peanuts Movie,” James Bond in “Spectre” and Luke Skywalker/ Han Solo/C-3PO in the new “Star Wars,” which the hubby bought opening night tickets for…..the 2 am screening.

This got me thinking—that’s a lot of money we’re going to be spending on movie theater snacks.

I am a Junior Mints and Peanut M&Ms kind of gal. Love a good box of both. E’s more of a Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kid kinda guy. Both chocolatey and sweet selection of candies are to be chased with a large bag of greasy, butter rich movie theater popcorn. Look, we go to the movies maybe once a year, the rest of our flicks are watched on Netflix. We can afford to be nutritionally rebellous at the theater.

But what if popcorn isn’t your bag? What if you like to sneak in your own snacks into the movie theater, which is highly frowned upon and prohibited in most theaters, but hey, you’re a rebel, too so…

I’ve got some great sandwich options that are tasty, portable and low-mess for the theater. Herewith, a sandwich for three amazing fall movies out this holidays:

Spectre_post“SPECTRE”: You need something fitting for Bond’s luxurious lifestyle. First thing that come to mind as something Bond would enjoy is sandwich #297, the “Elizabeth Taylor-Roska” caviar sandwich. Rinsed down with a vodka martini, which you’ll have to sneak  in your water bottle instead of a martini glass. Shaken, not stirred, of course. Because Bond. James Bond.

snoopy-charlie-brown“THE PEANUTS MOVIE”: Obviously a PB&J is the chosen sandwich. Peanuts? Get it? Try #6, #73, #100 and #101#212 or #287. Yes, we have hella options for PB and J!

wookies 2015-11-11 at 9.50.54 AMSTAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS”: You need something that’s intergallactically delicious and that will keep you awake during a 2AM screening. Sugar usually keeps me going. Wookie pies…whoops…whoopie pies are my pick. Try #39, a pumpkin whoopee pie, or sandwich #40, our apple and brandy whoopee pies.

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