Crafting an Endless Summer

By 300 Sandwiches

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It’s been a good three months. It’s been warm. Sunny. Heck, we even had an eclipse. We’ve had plenty of adventures with our little Q. She and I took our first mommy and me plane trip to see my mom in the Midwest. She met her aunt and cousins in Chicago. We went to Turks and Caicos and Q swam in the ocean for the first time (she only dipped her toes in when we were in the Dominican Republic). We went to the Central Park Zoo, and I even bought Q to work with me one day.

Aside from the travels, we’ve also hit other milestones—she’s now eating baby food, and even eating some solids. She’s got 8 teeth. She’s babbling on with dadadaddada and babbbabba and bththhhththth and geeeeee! E and I celebrated our second anniversary, and we lived through a small remodel project in our apartment.

We have lived our best life this summer. And we don’t want it to end. Labor Day may signal a back to school type feeling for some, but as long as the weather is warm, we will be wearing flip-flops and white pants, drinking rose and enjoying every last drop of summer.  Here’s our plan for keeping that seasonal glow right on through September:

Keep drinking rose. Not making the switch to red wine until the temperature hits 60 degrees.

Make cobblers. I haven’t made one yet this year, and August is the best time to find peaches, plums and stone fruit in season. I’m going to stock up,  and freeze what I can for a few cobblers and tarts in the next few weeks.

Beach trips. The beaches will be packed the next few weeks, but after Labor Day, many will retreat back to the city. For many, September means hurricane season. For E, it’s also prime kite season. So we’ll be making a few trips out to the beach so he can get some time on the water.

Morning coffee dates. When the weather turned nice, we would take Q for a walk together by the Brooklyn waterfront, and grab coffee and a treat and sit with her in the sun. That tradition will continue well into the fall, even if our coffee order switched from iced to hot.


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