Christmastime Is Here

By 300 Sandwiches

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Prep for Christmas has begun.
Tree? Check!
A Charlie Brown Christmas Special playing on television? Check!
Hot chocolate? Ready!
Sugar cookies? Sorta.

When E’s mom was here (oh, we had so much fun!), we made our first batch of sugar cookies. She had gifted us a vintage cookie press to make decorative cookies, like this one, complete with a set of plates to make fun shaped and patterns.

I used the Good Housekeeping recipe for sugar cookies, because I couldn’t find the one handwritten by my mom on a recipe card that I must have lost in my Christmas decorations last year.

I tried using the cookie press, but we couldn’t get the cookies to push smoothly out of the contraption. I’m not sure if the dough was too warm or the baking sheet didn’t have enough butter. I’m thinking that you’re supposed to put the entire press into the refrigerator with the dough inside. Is that how it works?

Either way, I’ll be practicing a few more times as Christmas approaches. Baking while making my list for Santa.

Just like I used to do when I was young.


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