Sandwich #194–“Hold the Greens” Three Cheese Grilled Cheese with Walnuts and Honey

By 300 Sandwiches

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194threecheeseLOI had a post a few weeks ago about why one should not order the plain white sandwich. Unless you’re E, and your girlfriend is making grilled cheese sandwiches with sauteed brussels sprouts and you despise the green veggies.

We made dinner together last night. E had a killer pumpkin soup recipe he wanted to try (yep, we’re back on the pumpkin), so I figured tasty grilled cheese sandwiches would go well with it. But I wanted to add a green vegetable to the sandwich—Forbidden Foods list be damned.

I had some fresh sage, which would have gone well with the pumpkin, so I took a risk and whipped up brussels sprouts with brown butter and sage. Maybe E would come around and enjoy a grilled cheese with the veggie? Anything with brown butter and cheese has to be good, right?

After I cooked up the sprouts in that fragrant butter, I stuck one under E’s nose. “Woman! Get that thing away from me!”

I started assembling the sandwiches. “Do you want any green anything on yours?”
“Nope,” he said. “Just cheese.”
“Well, one boring coming up,” I said, something E famously told me when I ordered an all white bagel sandwich.
“Don’t steal my line,” he said. “But add some of that lavender cheese and some walnuts. That will be good.”

We had fontina and creamy raclette in the fridge, so I layered both on, topped it with lavender flavored fromage blanc we picked up at Fairway, and added chopped walnuts and honey. I’ll give E credit, he does know what goes into a tasty grilled cheese, even if it is all white. I took a bite of his sandwich and it was warm and gooey with a bit of crunch.

But my brussels sprout grilled cheese sandwich was a-MA-ziiingg…and still better than the plain white option. I’ll post it as a Forbidden Sandwich later this week.

2 hearty slices wheat bread
couple slices fontina cheese
couple slices raclette
couple spoonfuls fromage blanc
2 teaspoons chopped walnuts
1 teaspoon honey
1 pat butter

Assemble sandwich with bread, then cheese, then chopped walnuts. Melt butter in skillet. Place sandwich inside long enough to melt cheese and brown bread. Remove, slice in half and serve.

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