Sandwich #159–“Substitute for Tomatoes” Turkey Pear Club Sandwich

159turkeyclubI’ve been trying to figure out how to make a club sandwich that E would like.

E doesn’t like sliced tomatoes on a sandwich, so making things that involve them—like BLTs—are a bit tricky. “They’re just too gooey,” is his lame excuse. “But if you roast them, they’re more flavorful.”

I didn’t have time to roast tomatoes before work this morning (who does, really?), but I have found a tasty substitute for tomatoes: sliced pears. They have a more solid consistency than tomatoes but still give a sweet crunch. I also used red currant jam instead of mustard or mayonnaise. It was a nice summery non-soggy sandwich, and E loved it.

Curious if he really would eat a BLT with roasted tomatoes, though. Will try that this weekend.

3 pieces whole wheat bread
1/4 quarter pound turkey
3 slices bacon
1/2 pear, sliced
2 tablespoon red currant jam
4 leaves romaine lettuce

Cook bacon to desired cripsness. Toast bread. Slather one side of all of the slices of bread with red currant jam. Layer on lettuce, then pear slices, then turkey, then another slice of bread, then lettuce, then turkey, then bacon, then bread. Slice into quarters. Serves two.

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