Sandwich #135–“Quickie Before Dinner” Mini Pretzel Ice Cream Sandwich

By 300 Sandwiches

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pretzelsandThere’s nothing better than a nap in the middle of the day on the weekend. On a crisp, warm Saturday in New York, E and were holed up inside, dozing off on the couch. And not even together, cuddled up at the same time. We took naps in shifts.

I took the first one, snuggling on the couch underneath a light blanket as the air conditioning blasted cool air on me. The second I woke up, I was ravenous. Dinner was at least two hours away.

I wanted ice cream, but I had put a major dent in the Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream in our freezer last night while E was out with friends (separation anxiety? Nope, just plain lack of self control). We were making burgers for dinner, and I wanted to save room in my belly for them. As we picked up meat, tomatoes and buns at the grocery store for dinner, we also grabbed pretzels and butter pecan ice cream.

I made these very easy, very simple ice cream treats as E took his napping shift on the couch. He looked so cute snuggled up under that blanket with his legs propped up on a pillow, a bit of drool running down his cheek (just kidding, there was no drool). He opened one eye as I walked over with just three of these treats.

“Mmmmmmmm,” he said grabbing one and popping in his mouth. He chewed for a few seconds, turned over and fell back asleep.

I hope he’ll interrupt his nap long enough to sit upright for dinner.

Butter pecan ice cream (1 normal sized scoop will make about 6 sandwiches)
handful of small pretzels

Take pretzel. Scoop enough ice cream onto pretzel to cover it. Top with another pretzel. Eat, in one bite if possible.

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