Sandwich #1–“The Beginning” Turkey and Swiss on Country White

The first sandwich I ever made for E is the one that he loves the most–turkey and swiss with lettuce. Crispy bread, flavorful turkey, and pickles on the side are a must. It takes so little to make him so happy.

I made this one for him after he repotted two bamboo plants and several herb plants on our balcony (my man has a green thumb, swoon ladies!). I served it up with a glass of Rosé, and E was a happy gardener. And I didn’t have to get my hands dirty with topsoil.

2 oversized slices of country white bread
4 slices of turkey
2 oz. dijon mustard
2 leaves of bibb lettuce
1 slice swiss

Key here…toast the bread. Toast until crunchy, but not too stiff that it can’t absorb the mustard. Layer with generous spread of dijon mustard. Then blot dry the bibb lettuce and layer on both sides of bread. Next, fold slice of turkey on bed of lettuce. Finally add cheese. Place one side of ingredients atop another, smush down gently. Cut in half and serve with dill pickles and tortilla chips.

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