Reunited and It Feels So Good….

beachviewLOI”m finally reunited with E, aka, Mr. 300 Sandwiches, in Barbados!

We’re here for a week of kitesurfing and relaxation with several of our friends. E spearheaded the whole trip, yet again knocking it out of the park by picking a fabulous home on the beach for us to stay in and setting up car rentals, stocking the refrigerator and seeking out the good local restaurants all before I arrived. If there’s anything the man can do right, it’s vacation.

But there’s one thing he doesn’t do: surprises. People keep asking if we’re getting married here. “No,” E told me. Okay, so no surprise wedding here. And I doubt there’s an engagement ring tucked inside his sandy kitesurfing bag packed with kites, ropes, board shorts and sunscreen. My parents still hold out hope he’ll surprise me with a ring this week. I think he’s concentrating more on the wind than on a proposal.

Above, my view from our outdoor dining room overlooking the ocean at our beachside estate this morning. Sure beats an office cubicle.

On today’s agenda: breakfast, then the pool, then a manicure, then looking for the best flying fish sandwiches and hopefully creating our own for dinner.

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  1. kBpvBZ Thanks for the update, can you make it so I get an email sent to me every time you make a new update?

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