Honeymoon Wanderlust

By 300 Sandwiches

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passportsLOI didn’t cook this morning because E and I spent two hours talking about our honeymoon.

Travel is like air to E—essential for life. Before we met, he would take off on monthlong excursions abroad to kite surf and take in local culture and eat food around the world. Lately he hasn’t been able to do that because I don’t have the sort of vacation time his worldly jaunts allow for. But E’s getting ansy.

Our honeymoon should quell his wanderlust.

Over eggs E’s way—scrambled wet and thick, like porridge, with herbs and black pepper— we brainstormed ideas for our honeymoon. I discussed earlier this week that we had to pick a destination that wasn’t too far away for the wedding for logistical reasons. The honeymoon is a different ball game.

We’re looking to go on a journey to the most beautiful, unsaturated places in the world. We don’t want places that offer all-inclusives or that will have a pier full of cruise ships lining the beaches. We want off the beaten path…way off.

I want to eat sandwiches in places I can only get to by parachute. Or dune buggy. I want to go places I probably won’t return to for many years. Places that I most likely won’t see again until my kids are grown. I want places that don’t have Starbucks. I want to see animals that you only see on the Discovery Channel. And I want to double the amount of entry and exit stamps in my passport on this one worldwide jaunt.

While I finally get to work this weekend on ice cream sandwiches I’ve been talking about for three freaking weeks, I’m going to continue reading National Geographic and Conde Nast Traveler for honeymoon ideas. Don’t be surprised if you see a new Pinterest board pop up on 300 Sandwiches called “Honeymoon Inspiration.” This wedding/honeymoon planning is so freaking fun! Happy weekend!


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