Happy Memorial Day!

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DSC_0727 We’re about to get out of town for the holiday weekend. A vacation couldn’t come any sooner.

Last night, I made E a salmon sandwich with mango, peach and green pepper salsa. But I was so burnt out from the daily grind that I couldn’t make it with love. I assembled it like an entitled teenager at the local fast food joint would, with no soul and barely any flavor. I’m not going to bother posting it, because it’s not a meal I’m proud of nor would recommend to my readers to recreate. But it does demonstrate how desperately I need a break.

E and I are packing up our car and headed to the Hamptons this weekend. E will get to do some kite surfing, while I plan to catch up on some reading and cooking (well, more reading about cooking, less cooking). Flip flops? Check? Sunglasses? Absolutely. But there are a few treats I cannot live without this summer that I recommend you stock up on:

Daft Punk’s new album, “Random Access Memories”: Electro synth pop by the most genius French DJ duo ever. Guest appearances by Pharrell Williams and Nile Rogers have made their first single “Get Lucky” the summer anthem of 2013. Throw this album on while your barbecuing for the perfect summer dinner party soundtrack. You’ll be up all night getting your groove on.

Disposable picnic utensil set: I saw these these at the fabulous event planner Jung Lee‘s new home store downtown and wanted to stock up. These are great for outdoor dining and picnics. You can also wash and reuse them a few times.

Whispering Angel Rosé: Summer isn’t summer without Rosé. Whispering Angel is the gold standard when it comes to pink booze. A staple at Hamptons country clubs and mansions along the East End, it’s the only thing E and drink between May and September. Best consumed outdoors.

Fresh ricotta cheese: we have a tub of this stuff from Citarella that I’ve used for breakfast since the weather broke 60 degrees. You can use it sweet or savory, but my favorite way to use is spread on English muffin or crusty bread, then layering slices of fruit on top. Drizzle on honey, and it makes a delicious snack or sandwich.

Old Bay Seasoning: on everything–potato salad, fish, chicken, veggies. It’s what gives my killer lobster rolls that zing. Pack it even when you go out to dinner in case the local restaurants don’t season with it.

And don’t forget your sunscreen. Remember, the only buns that should be toasted should be on your burger.

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