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Things I Learned at SOBE Wine and Food Festival

Annnnd I’m back! I returned from South Beach Wine and Food Festival with a full belly and a little color on my face. I totally get why people live down south—I became inexplicably happy once the Miami sun hit my skin from an opened sunroof.

On the Road…to South Beach Wine and Food Festival!

I had to get away from all of that cloudy cold in New York. So, I’m linking up with some friends at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival this weekend to warm up and eat my way through Miami. Sadly E couldn’t join me (he’s working), but if he’s lucky, I’ll bring some leftovers […]

Gone Fishing (For Sandwiches. Maybe.)

There may not be a sandwich today, unless I order it from room service. E and I are traveling (West Palm Beach, Fla.) for a wedding this weekend (no, not OUR wedding. I’m sure some of you were a bit hopeful there. Sorry!) Sun, sand and nuptials await. I’ll be back next week with some […]

Vacation Days

E and I are headed on an adventure we call our Sideways/Oregon Trail Vacation. We’re headed to San Francisco, Sonoma wine county and Oregon for a week, where our itinerary includes a wedding (E’s cousin), a Giants baseball game (with some college buddies), adventure sports (kitesurfing and summer snowboarding!) and taking in all the good […]

Winter Travel

Wednesday, 4 PM, Detroit Metro Airport. After a three-hour delay, two rounds of de-icing, and a bumpy ride home, we made it back to NYC.

Survival Food: Chicken Salad Sandwich with Batatas Fritas

E and I have been obsessively watching Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, CNN, NY Times and whatever other outlets we can get to on our computers tracking Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath. The devastation is mind boggling. To see our beloved DUMBO under water broke my heart. And to think of all of our East Coast friends without power […]