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Sandwich #10– “Dry the Day After” Italian Sloppy Joe

E and I had a major weekend. There was Champagne. And Rose. And sake. And more wine. And a hangover (mine, not his). But there was also a new addition to the family. On Saturday, E and I got a car together, a beautiful crossover SUV big enough for our snowboarding gear, groceries, friends, power […]

Sandwich #9–“Home Early” Lamb Burger with Feta

I was in the mood for lamb burgers (and as you read in the previous post, you know a burger does qualify as a sandwich). We’ve been growing a ton of parsley and mint in our herb garden, and I wanted an excuse to use some of it.  The lamb burgers recipe I use calls […]

Sandwich #5–“Hot as Hell” Salmon Sandwich with Avocado Mash

Saturday night. 8 PM. It was an ass-frying 95 degrees today. Asphalt melting, dog sweating, kids swarming the ice cream truck kinda hot. And of course, E was in the mood for a sandwich for dinner. I needed something that would be refreshing and not require a lot of time around the stove. Tonight was […]